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Preserving the Legacy of the American West

Welcome to the Great American West Gallery where our mission is to Preserve the Legacy of the American West through the visions and artwork of the finest Western, wildlife and sporting artists from the 19th - 21st centuries.

Our fine art gallery specializes in paintings and bronzes depicting the American West of the past and the Western heritage still alive today. 

Native Americans, cowboys, horses, cattle, and expansive landscapes as well as North American and African big game, game birds and sporting dogs are the subjects studied and portrayed in the master works we offer for your viewing and acquisition.

The Great American West Gallery's collection of premier Western, wildlife and sporting fine art consists of works by some of the most collected painters and sculptors of the 20th and 21st centuries including deceased masters, members of the Cowboy Artists of America and select invitees to the prestigious Prix de West,  Masters of the American West, and Western Visions Fine Art Exhibitions.  

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Residing just northwest of Austin in the Texas Hill Country, Kyle Polzin works diligently in his home studio creating some of the most intricate and detailed Western still life paintings on par with the European masters of the 18th and 19th centuries. His paintings have become some of the most sought after artwork in today's Western art market.

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We currently have a wonderful selection of Western, wildlife and sporting artwork from some of the most collected living and deceased artists including paintings and bronzes from Martin Grelle, Melvin Warren, John Coleman, Jim Norton, Tom Lovell, Robert Pummill, G. Harvey, William Acheff, David Mann, Kenneth Riley, Oleg Stavrowsky, James Boren, Harold Von Schmidt, David Shepherd, Robert Abbett, Tucker Smith, Tim Shinabarger, Kent Ullberg, Kenny McKenna, Porfirio Salinas, Robert Wood, and more. Please come by the gallery to see these great works in person or give us a call for more information.

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