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Preserving the Legacy of the American West

Welcome to the Great American West Gallery where our mission is to Preserve the Legacy of the American West through the visions and artwork of the finest western artists from the 19th - 21st centuries.

Our fine art gallery specializes in paintings and bronzes depicting the American West of the past and the Western heritage still alive today. 

Native Americans, frontiersmen, cavalry, pioneers, cowboys, and ranchers as well as horses, cattle and expansive landscapes are the subjects studied and portrayed in the master works we offer for your viewing and acquisition.

The Great American West Gallery's collection of premier Western American fine art consists of works by some of the most collected Western painters and sculptors of the 20th and 21st centuries including deceased masters, members of the Cowboy Artists of America and select invitees to the prestigious Prix de West and Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibitions.  

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Our featured artist is Texas painting and sculpting legend Gerald Harvey Jones. G. Harvey has been actively applying his craft since the 1950s and is internationally known for his Texsa landscapes, Western bronzes, cowboy paintings and his early 20th century cityscapes with their impressionistic and luminous qualities.

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We have recently added numerous paintings and bronzes to our inventory by today's most desirable Western artists including John Coleman, Martin Grelle, Paul Moore, G. Harvey, Glenn Dean, Jason Rich, Sonya Terpening, and Kyle Polzin. We have also acquired important works from deceased masters including Melvin Warren, Frank Tenney Johnson, Bill Owen, James Earle Fraser, Harry Jackson, James Reynolds, Robert Lougheed, Porfirio Salinas, Cyrus Dallin, Robert Scriver, and more.

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