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Featured Artist: Kyle Polzin

Residing just northwest of Austin in the Texas Hill County, Kyle Polzin works diligently in his home studio creating some of the most intricate and detailed Western still life paintings on par with the European masters of the 18th and 19th centuries. His paintings have become some of the most sought after artwork in today's Western art market.  The Great American West Gallery has always been a strong proponent of Kyle's work and we go to great lengths to aquire his paintings so that we can offer them to our clients for their collections. Currently we have in inventory two masterpieces in large formats and we are the only gallery in the country to have Kyle's paintings available for purchase. Weary Traveler shown below is one of the finest examples you will ever find of the artist's mastery in creating mood and texture with his depiction of a cowboy's gear tossed haphazardly on a bench after a long day in the saddle. George Armstrong Custer - Letters from Libbie is another Polzin masterpiece documenting important possessions of the West's most famous historic figure. Custer is most known for his demise in the Battle at the Little Big Horn but another little known fact is that he was deeply and passionatley in love with his wife Libbie and her letters to him during his various tours of duty were some of his most prized possessions. The letters from Libbie coupled with Custer's personal cavalry flag, saber, and the general's wool hat with its two gold stars create a beautiful scene with tremendous historic significance.


Kyle Polzin -Weary Traver
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