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William Acheff (American, born 1947)

  • Three Deer And A Buffalo  |  oil on canvas  |  16 x 26 inches  |  $17,500
    This painting depicts a Zuni heart line deer pot, Navajo deer hooves rattle, Pueblo buffalo clay fetish (possibly Taos Pueblo), a Pueblo gourd rattle, a woven wool blanket, and three ears of maize. All of the items depicted are intended to honor the flora or fauna they represent either for plentiful crops or for good fortune in hunting that would contribute to the subsistence way of life that has a long tradition with all Natives.
  • Moccasins and Potts  |  oil on canvas  |  20 x 30 inches  |  $29,500
    This painting depicts two San Juan Pueblo pots that were once owned by Mabel Dodge Luhan (a wealthy American patron of the arts, who was particularly associated with the Taos Art Colony) and a pair of ladies beaded high top moccasins adding to the theme that these objects were used by Pueblo women. Also depicted is a Rio Grande weaving.